Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why I want to be an accountant? (english task 2)

Why I want to be an accountant?

my name is Anies Purniati,now I'm university student in UPI Bandung.
and I'm join to accounting non education program.

why i choose accounting?

because,i want to be an success accountant.

why i want to be an accountant?

I have many reasons,why i want to be accountant.

First,i like money. (what?)
Become an accountant is meaning that i will working with money everyday.
Although it isn't my money.But,i like that. Because,my job is  count and auditing financial report.
And it all about money.
I like money!

although in a job of accountant,we (accountant) aren't see the real of money.
we only see the nominal value of money.
but,i don't worried about it.
because i want to be an accountant.
i like to be an accountant.
and i like ever love accounting.

love you so much for accounting. ^^

Second,same with  my first reason.
I want to be an accountant,because wages' of accountant is so expensive (maybe?if i'm not wrong).
so,if i wanna be an accountant.
i can get a lot of money and i think that with this money,i can make my family  happy.
so,if my family happy,i'm will happy too.

And job as accountant is very important to companies or public sectors.
So,many companies require an accountant's service.

And my last reasons,why i want to be an accountant?
Because,become an accountant is my dream and my hope.
But this isn't only my hope.
My parents and my family want i'm be a successful people.
And i think that,if i'm be an accountant,i can success (amien) and i believe it.

Although i don't know,i will be an accountant public or an accountant who work in goverment's sector.
I don't know. :)

But,i know that i wanna be an accountant.
success accountant.
And in addition,in future,I want live,work,and study in foreign.
Maybe in South Korean (i can meet Super Junior,SNSD,or EXO) ^^ ,Singapore or in USA (United States of America).

And this is all my reasons why i want to be an accountant.

And i hope that all my hopes will be come true.

And i believe that my hope and dreams will be come true,if i want to try and never give up and don't forget pray to ALLAH SWT.

in addition again,
I like seohyun's motto (Seohyun is My idol&she is member of SNSD).
She's motto is....

And this motto is very meaningful for me. ^^

And i hope that is motto can happen in my life. (amien) ^^

thank you :D

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