Wednesday, November 7, 2012

english task #5

English task #5

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Everyone exactly have done presentation,maybe at school,at campus,or at office. But,how to do the good presentation? and what different of good presentation and bad presentation?

First,before presentation we must prepare all content of topics which we will explain and don't forget to prepare slide show for make our presentation be easy and interesting .After that, we must understand all content of our presentation.
If we're understand all of content,we will enjoy and know well what we say and explain.So,audience will give good appreciation to our presentation. Otherwise,if we didn't know well all content of topics which we will explain,we will be nervous and will not give presentation well and finally,the audience can't understand with our presentation.

Second,look our appearance. when presentation,we must good looking and tidy,begins from hair style,clothes and expression of our face.
If our appearance good,audience will attention our presentation. Don't forget to smile :) when you're presentation,because if we aren't smile and our appearance is be untidy,maybe audience will fell annoyed to our appearance and lazy to look our presentation.

Finally but no end,look our manner and body language.In a good presentation,people who presentation must  know how to do good manner? we must doing eyes contact with audience when we explained our presentation Then,we must give questions and answer season after we have done presentation. We don't never ignore questions,criticism or suggestion from audience. and when we explained,we don't speak too fast or too slow,so we must speak normal and don't speak too tekhnis.Then,when answered the question,we must answer with answer detail.So,the audience will understand and agree with our answer.

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