Tuesday, October 2, 2012

English task 3

Hello ~
anies come back again and again (?).Now,i will share you about review a my favorite song.
Honestly,this is a english task from my teacher and i think this task is so fun ^^

I like song of SNSD,Time Machine.
Although,this song isn't korean' language,but japanese' language,
but,i still like this song.
I like this song,because meaning and story of the song are success to touch my heart (?) and i think that the story of "Time Machine" is really happened in my life.
okay,this is review Time machine' of snsd and this is just my opinion.
enjoy it ~
and i hope you'll like and agree with my opinion about this song ^^

~lyrics Time Machine Japanese version and Indonesian translation ~


Time machine is song from SNSD or Girls' Generation (korean's girlgroup).This song is a sad song and include in The Boys Japanese Album,in 2011.

Over all,this song is tell about someone (girl) who regret because she've left her love.
-ONE MISTAKE,GOT ONE REGRET- this is a little part of Time machine's lyrics.
This lyrics is meaning that the girl have done one mistake to her love and now that girl feel so regret.

In this song,that girl just know that she really love her love after she lost her love.
She is regret? of course.
She really regret and now she need a time machine ^^.
Time machine to take her love back.
Because,she really need her love.

Without her love,that girl feel so lonely,pain and alone.
Pain because,now she is alone.
alone ~alone,without her love.
That girl think this punish is so pain to feel herself.
She really regret and regret.
She hope that,she can find time machine and if it happen,
she will corrected her mistake to her love and take her love back.
Her life is so different without her love.
She is so alone.
She doesn't want anything in the world,she just want TIME MACHINE and want her love come back.
That girl want not them love memories lost be easy.
So,she want try to take her love again with Time machine.
And that girl promise that she willn't make her love be pain again.

In addition,in this song,that girl regret "why we are separated?why?why?".
If we can take one fair decision,maybe we aren't separated and pain,like this.
She need a time machine..
Now,she need time machine.
She want to take her love back.
She really love and need her love.
This punish is so pain for herself,and now she just regret ^^
and she need time machine..

But,we know that time machine isn't real.
It's just story,dream and maybe it willn't be real.
The regret always comes,but no in start but in ending.
So,before the regret comes,do the best everything and please don't leave your love never.
If you want not regret later.
Because,you'll feel it (something) is meaningful,when you lost it.
So,hwaiting ^^!
keep your love~
and do the best everything,
so,you willn't feel regret!

thank you ^^
gamshahamnida :D

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